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Privacy Principles.
Royal Step is registered in the United Arab Emirates. The service policies and conditions are subject to and controlled by Dubai law, except its rules on conflicts of law.
You cannot.
Republishing Royal Step content Sell, rent, or sublicense Royal Step content reproducing, duplicating, or stealing Royal Step materials reproduce material from Royal Step.

Different Terms.
By using this Website, you agree that Royal Step may amend these Terms at any time as it sees fit. As a result, you should check these Terms frequently.

Complete Agreement.
These Terms replace all prior agreements and understandings with respect to your use of this Website and represent the complete understanding between you and Royal Step.

Damage Responsibility.
Royal Step shall not be liable for any losses if the equipment is damaged due to unforeseeable events, such as accidents.

Staff Verification.
Check the employee's identity on the website if they have gone to your house, office, or place of business to do repairs. The company will not accept any liability for employee fraud, theft, or loss of your personal data.

Confirmation of Employment.
Verify the identification of any employee that comes to your house to pick up or deliver your gadget by visiting our website. The business is not liable for any false identities or fired employees.

Collection of Receipts.
When our staff arrives to pick up or deliver the equipment, take the receipt from him. Any claim without a receipt will not be covered by Royal Step.

The Royal Step specialists do their very best to deliver assured services. However, the performance or functionality is not guaranteed in some crucial situations, particularly when it comes to the repair of liquid-damaged or physically damaged equipment. In such circumstances, Royal Step disclaims all responsibility for any gadget failure or malfunction.

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Technology Library.
Technology Collection When the repairs are finished, service staff will get in touch with the customers. The gadget can be picked up again within 60 days following the repair. If the gadget is not collected within this time frame, Royal Step will have the right to dispose of it. You grant us permission to repair your equipment or gadget by accepting the terms and conditions of Royal Step. No mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other device has been authorized by Royal Step as an authorized service provider (ASP). In all circumstances, repairs may void the manufacturer's warranty on the product. Customers are always urged to make a backup of the system before repairs. The business will not be liable for the missing

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