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Royal Step Computer Solutions is your trusted and reliable technology partner, dedicated to providing comprehensive IT solutions for businesses and individuals. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are committed to delivering exceptional services that meet your unique technology needs. Be partner with Royal Step Computer Solutions today and experience the difference. Let us simplify your technology journey, enhance your productivity, and provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

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Message from the CEO

After 20 years of experience offering cutting-edge solutions to digital organizations, I'm thrilled to be speaking as the CEO. Our company provides services that aid in bridging the digital divide and encouraging greater digital inclusion. Due to the daily, fast advances, the world needs high-end solutions. We intend to gain a competitive edge in the market by following a set of rules that strongly emphasize customer satisfaction and the customer experience. Offering customers and end users customized solutions is the ultimate goal of today's potential digital solutions. The demand for personalised services is being driven by consumers' rising standards. We are in favor of innovation that improves user experience and genuinely addresses issues in the real world to the customers. We as a corporation have experienced substantial growth over the last 15 years. 

Philip Paul Lively - The CEO

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Certified Experts

We fix all the popular brands.
Royal Step upholds a position of offering reputed repairing and customer services for all the popular brands. Our team of technicians hold certified skills and degrees and specifically receive advanced training from reputed brands. Moreover, the damaged parts are replaced with the company issued original parts to maintain the device warranty and quality.

Computer Repair Shop Near Me in Dubai, UAE

Just Type computer repair shop near me If you're in Dubai, UAE, we're here to help with your computer repair needs. Our team is ready to assist you at your doorstep within minutes. Contact us now!

Quality Guarantee


. To ensure that we provide high-quality service. We will provide you with a 3 months warranty following repair.

Corporate Services


. Expertise on business setup to meet the unique technology requirements of businesses.

Customer Service


. After our service, we continue to provide first-rate client service. We never stop providing with top-notch customer care.

Computer and Laptop Repair in Dubai

Our Services

Mobile Repairs Dubai

mobile Repairs

. Our certified technicians offer high-quality repairs for all types of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Trust us to fix your device quickly and effectively, using only genuine parts.

Laptop Repairs Dubai

laptop Repairs

. Don't let a broken laptop slow you down. Our professional repair service offers fast and reliable repairs for all laptop models, from cracked screens to hardware and software failures.

Pc Repairs Technician

pc Repairs

. We take the time to understand your needs and provide tailored solutions for your device. Our team of skilled technicians offers a personalized and professional approach to fixing all types of desktop computer problems.


bussiness support

. Businesses rely heavily on computer technology for their daily operations. Computer technology support services provide businesses with technical assistance, such as software and hardware troubleshooting, system upgrades, and network maintenance, to ensure their technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.

It Support

It support

. involves providing technical assistance to individuals or businesses for their IT infrastructure. This include troubleshooting software and hardware issues, setting up networks, providing security solutions, and managing data storage.

Home Icon

home support

. We provide assistance to individuals in setting up and maintaining your home computer systems, including troubleshooting issues, installing software and hardware, and performing maintenance tasks without going out of your home.